Our Story

"Children always seem to get sick when they come home from school and their parents come home from work.  Unfortunately at that hour it is very difficult to get an appointment with your pediatrician.  The options remain, going to the ER and waiting for long periods of time, or holding out until the morning to see your pediatrician.  Now there is an alternative option, Pediatric Urgent Care.  In this setting your child can be quickly evaluated, and treatment implemented.  A full lab and x-rays are available on premises.  Before you leave the chart will be sent to your pediatrician for follow up care."  

- Dr.Feingold

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News and Updates

Click below to stay up to date on all Moonlight news! We have just opened our new offices in Chelsea NY!

Our History

We have been in business for over ten years provided top of the line healthcare! 


Where to Find us

Our offices are located in Chelsea and the Bronx. Click below for all contact information and specific locations.